I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this goodbye?

Also, Vogue released its December 2021 cover, and unsurprisingly, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker:


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Pose-wise, it’s obviously not exactly the November Adele cover, but it’s just reminiscent enough that I find it strange. You can’t just face her the other way and make me FORGET, Anna! The mess of a dress is D&G, which… again, I would have hoped SJP might put down her foot on that one, but perhaps we can charitably say she didn’t know. Mostly, my notes are: 1) Sarah Jessica Parker is 56 years old, making her the oldest non-First Lady on the cover of Vogue in, oh, forever, unless I’m forgetting someone (edited: AND I WAS; Frances McDormand was on it in January 2021, though she was one of four subjects, and she was basically in a hoodie). So of course Anna has her staring off to the side, in profile, so that nobody can see her face. Again — and a comment I just made with regards to Reese on InStyle — SJP obviously looks very much like she always has, but she does look like an older version thereof, which is a GOOD thing. There’s even a whole bit in the interview where she pooh-poohs the “misogynistic nonsense” criticisms of Carrie having some grey hair because women should be allowed to age without people thinking they are less interesting or worthy of our time and admiration. To which I say a hearty YES. So let’s see it, Vogue! Why is Sarah Jessica Parker, whose face I would argue is iconic in pop culture and fashion, not VISIBLE? Why did Vogue shy away from her staring right at us, showing us that she’s back, and the life she’s led since Carrie Bradshaw was last on-screen? Do not mistake me: I know the answers to those questions. I just don’t like them and I want to yell into the void.

Second, where did SJP go, exactly? She hasn’t disappeared; she’s been at a few Met Galas and she’s been hawking shoes at her flagship store and she had three or four seasons of an HBO show called Divorce. When Covid hit, she was getting ready for a two-hander on Broadway with Matthew Broderick. SJP, I’m sure, would argue that she cannot be back because she did not disappear. Carrie Bradshaw is back, if that’s where Vogue wants to go; too bad they didn’t go there with Charlotte and Miranda. Imagine three women over 55 on the cover. Oh, but I’m sure that’d give Anna the vapors.

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