Sigh. I had JUST speculated that these two had gotten yelled at by their publicists, but they’re back — social distancing, at least, from what I can see, and in $2,000 Gucci coveralls. Ben and Ana better have some cloth masks sitting on a table at home, because starting tomorrow, Los Angeles residents are required to wear them outside. But seriously: You know you’re going to be seen, and like it or not, you know you’re people that the world pays attention to. You CLEARLY know that images talk, because you’ve been carefully entwined for the sake of the cameras for weeks now. So maybe wear a mask even if it’s NOT required yet? Maybe use these images to communicate safe habits? You can still ogle each other adoringly while also trying to help normalize the practice of wearing face coverings that I suspect will be necessary for a while. It can only help, and it might even throw a bucket of water on all the goodwill you’ve been burning. Maybe Gucci can send Ana some that match her expensive pap-walk duds.

Herein, too, are a couple photos of celebs in masks running errands looking refreshingly NOT like they’re trying to be their own billboards.

[Photos: Shutterstock]