As I idly surfed through pictures from the Glamour Women of the Year event and finished an impromptu live-tweeting of Mannequin, I flipped on Jimmy Kimmel and found this, and did a double-take.

First, it is not a good idea to let your guest sit in such a way, with such a hair curtain, that this camera angle is rendered useless. Amy Adams has nice hair, but people don’t often tune in to a talk show to see people’s hair getting chatty. Unless the hair is on Connie Britton’s head. And even then, at some point it feels like she’s ignoring the camera, and by extension me, and I WILL NOT BE DENIED.


It’s bra straps and a lace Chaplin. I’m sure Charlie appreciates being paid homage by someone’s chest, but is that really worth walking around like a giant strap-on mustache?