So, a while ago, the great stylist Karla Welch — she styles Amber, Sarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and a lot of other people who always look interesting (even if they’re not wearing what I would have gone for) — gave a quote in this great interview with The Cut where she said:

“I want to be on both: best and worst,” Welch says of the red-carpet rankings. “I want people to feel something.”

I love that quote. I was talking the other day about someone we know, who takes a LOT of fashion risks, and sometimes she looks fantastic and sometimes she looks nutty, and we agreed that if you swing big that’s what happens — but I always do appreciate it when people GO FOR SOME FEELINGS. Now, obviously I am always going to wish stuff was lined but I’m also sort of out of words about lining things — there are only so much you can say about that! My feelings are well documented! — and so I’m just going to note that Amber Heard, in this frock, looks like a person who would have SOME STORIES to tell you, and I cannot lie: I would listen to them.

[Photo: Derrick Salters/]
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