Remember Taylor Swift’s recent Time 100 outing, with her floaty Ren-Faire sleeves? Apparently, this is a THING that is going to be happening, so let’s all get used to it.  Is it weird that I enjoy it? I thought it was too twee on Tay, but that’s partially because it was deployed with a dress that was also the color of Peeps, so the whole thing felt awfully sweet (if admirably branded to coordinate with her new video; no matter what I think of Taylor’s wardrobe, the woman puts some real thought into it).  Here, though, both Freida and Zoey (two actresses who I am, frankly, delighted to see back out and about) look sort of like the employees of a hot new restaurant that has branded itself as Chic, Expensive Medieval Times…and if you think I wouldn’t stab someone in the hand with a pocket knife to get into Chic, Expensive Medieval Times, when you are wrong.

[Photos: Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock]