Jessica was super thrown-off when she saw this photo, because to her, Olivia with the bangs looks VERY Kardashian-adjacent. And while I agree that, as ever, Olivia is finding ways to make herself less immediately recognizable, what gave ME the Jenndashian vibe was the ridiculous “dress.”┬áIt is so absurdly short that her fingertips hang below it. They are actually touching skin, and the babydoll cut — flowy, with a high empire waist — is super infantilizing on her. I’m almost surprised she isn’t wearing knee socks and buckle shoes and a bonnet, frankly.

But the main reason I put “dress” in quotes up there because IT’S A BLOUSE. Reem Acra calls it a tunic, and yes, okay, in Greek and Roman times, that can mean a long garment. But this is not the Greco-Roman era, and she is not in uniform. Ergo, we move to the next Webster’s Dictionary definition of tunic: “a hip-length or longer blouse or jacket,” AND THERE YOU HAVE IT, THIS IS A BLOUSE.