First things first: Vanessa Marano is on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, and when that show comes back, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. It is so good. It’s funny, and touching, and truly compelling — it’s great. And she is very good in it, despite having a part that could easily devolve into being UNBEARABLE. But she’s good, and it’s good, and you really need to watch it. Public service announcement number one, over. Now for PSA 2:

GIRL. Just because they tell you to wear it, it doesn’t mean you HAVE TO AGREE. Unless you seriously are about to skate to Carmen for Scott Hamilton and a selection of Eastern European judges, OR you’re starring in an ABC Family movie about ice skating (PS: this needs to happen), OR you’re modeling this for some weird and personal event at Trashy Lingerie, otherwise STAY STRONG AND SAY NO.

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