Listen, she’s wearing an Instagram influencer’s bedroom mural and making her own wind, as Tyra always advises. I really have no cause to complain.

That one is Valentino; this next look, a Prada she wore at a later screening of Sad Movie With Dog (I assume it’s sad?), is a little busier, but in an Eccentric Aunt With Great Taste In Shoes way that speaks to me….

New York Screening of 'The Art Of Racing In The Rain' film, USA - 05 Aug 2019

…and I’m obviously pleased to see Milo in his Fug Nation Uniform. (Facially, he really looks like Rupert Everett circa¬†My Best Friend’s Wedding here, which is not a thought I’ve ever had about him. Someone invite this man to a lobster boil!)

[Photo: Humberto Carreno/, Patrick Lewis/Starpix/Shutterstock ]