I’m not even sure I can say anything more than what Nicki herself already did about this.
2010 American Music Awards - Arrivals
Per MTV, she said, “It looks like it could be a piece on the middle of your table and you picked it up, put some clothing on it, and now you can wear it.” And that is exactly what I thought: that she is the proprietress of a fake-antiquities stall at a bazaar, and her shtick is that she puts the “wear” in “wares.” There are several problems with this plan. One, how does she sit down? And two…

2010 American Music Awards - Show
… people may try to lift you off-stage, fence you to a haggler who doesn’t have more than $5 and a roll of Scotch tape, or steal you by trying to shove you down their pants. Luckily for Nicki, Rihanna went with option A. Probably because she wasn’t wearing pants.