This post makes me happy. First, I LOVE this dress — it’s Ulla Johnson and it has all the things I like, namely dots AND neck ruffles, and it’s very much for my personal best that I don’t believe it’s for sale yet. Second, that red lip is major and brings me profound joy (it’s MAC’s Relentlessly Red, and THANK YOU to Alison’s makeup artist Mai Quynh for putting credits on her Instagram). Finally, and of utmost importance, I now have an excuse to share the preview for the season two of G.L.OW., which is delightful:

If you didn’t watch the first season, it’s on Netflix, and it’s SO good. It’s one of my favorite things I watched last year, hands down. It’s only ten episodes and it’s one of the few shows I’ve binge-watched where the season ended and I was just like, “what WAIT NO. I WANT MORE. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!” It’s delightful, and the cast is great, and I just think you would like it. I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY.

[Photo: Photo by Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock]