Back when Heather and I were covering Fashion Week, Alice + Olivia was ALWAYS a slam-dunk in terms of celeb attendance; we would absolutely always come away from their presentation with something to write about. It was always a fun experience: one year, there was a civilian woman wearing a giant hat that made her look like she was being attacked by a crow and we all got served crazy drinks with giant ice cubes and flowers in them; one season it was at the Sleep No More venue (which DID make me feel like my life was in danger) and I saw Bella Thorne try to climb someone like a tree and I mean that literally, not as a sex metaphor (she knew the person in question! It was consensual!); one year, it had shirtless male models in faux apartments writing poetry on vintage typewriters. Celebrities would always be open to interviews at Alice + Olivia; it was basically always going to give us content and it was fun. Ah, the good old days! Anyway, the brand turns 20 this year and they had a party and people wore things. Let’s look!

[Photos: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for alice + olivia,  J Mayer/Shutterstock]