The weekend of the Golden Globes, about a hundred other things happened. What is WRONG with this town? MOST OF THESE PEOPLE LIVE HERE. YOU CAN GET THEM BACK ANYTIME. EVEN IF THEY DON’T, THEY WILL COME. CELEBRITIES LOVE INVITATIONS TO THINGS.

Ahem. Christina Hendricks, however, was a no-show at the Globes (maybe she wasn’t invited? Or she was working? Or she had the flu? But none of the lady Mad Men were there), so you’d think she would turn the AFI Awards into her big showstopper, right?

Right. By which I mean, SO WRONG.

I suppose it IS a stopper, but only in the sense that actually it’s a non-starter. The length is so frumpy on her; if we cut it off at the knee then maybe we could have a discussion, but right now she just looks wallpapered. And the hair… what is going on with her hair? Apparently it’s an open secret that she wears pieces or toppers all the time. I wish this were her normal hair. Because the idea that she BOUGHT whatever this is and then consciously plopped it onto her head… Powering through what God and maybe a bad hairdresser gave you is one thing, but if the choice was this or something else, here is my question: What on Earth was the something else? Would it explode my brain?

[Photo: Getty]