Actually, other than whatever just walked up her leg, there’s something hilariously great about Lady Gaga in a demure houndstooth suit and matching hat, like she’s defeated all the other wannabe-nudist celebs out there and now she’s set her patterned sights on Kate Middleton. Seriously, my favorite part is the glasses. This is taking Anna Wintour’s Specs of Emotionless Doom to new heights. With these, are no lenses you could maybe, potentially, see through to get a sense of whether eyes are rolling or eyelids are narrowed. Great for fashion shows, but REALLY perfect for when you’re dropping by The View (as Gaga was) and you might get stuck sitting next to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and you need to be polite when she starts insisting something has to be true because thirty printouts from Internet message boards make it so.

[Photo: Flynet]

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