This should surprise absolutely zero people:

I mean, for one thing, this is the kind of thing Katy wears all the time, anyway: Shiny, colorful, decidedly unsubtle. But last night, she performed with Dolly Parton — a woman whose very existence fills me with unadulterated joy, personally  — and I am confident that Katy was (a) overcome with glee, and  (b) decided to go at Katy Perry Country as humanly possible to mark the occasion.

I am just bummed she didn’t wear a cowboy hat. Come on, Katy. Committing only 95% to a theme isn’t usually your style.

I also kinda don’t know why she changed for the performance:

This is like changing out of a three-quarter-length sleeved Breton-striped shirt into a long-sleeved one. Different enough so that YOU understand the nuance, but basically the exact same idea.

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