I miss Taylor’s non-banged curly hair.

Granted, more ladies in her alleged genre have wavy blonde hair, so she stands out with the pin-straight ‘do and bangs, but I don’t think it suits her and I think it sucks some of the liveliness out of her general aura. I have the same feeling when I straighten mine — fun for a change, but in a weird way the curls feel like part of my personality. As for the gown, it’s beautiful, if totally predictable. I can’t ding her for it, but I also kind of wish she’d worn this instead:

It’s hard to tell what I’d have thought of it on the red carpet, but I like that it appears to be navy, and for the love of Roy G. Biv, I just need her to go out more in colors that aren’t red, white, gold, silver, or black. Here’s a thought, Taylor: Instead of dating boys, date the rainbow.

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