Happy belated birthday to Bella Hadid, who — from my chair all the way over here — has seemed cheerier this year, after that sit-down she did with Vogue. She evidently spent her birthday on Sunday banging around New York with friends in a long coat, pants, and what appears to be a messy denim pinafore with an offset bebe logo. Is this like how, when your grandmother bought you a sweater for the holidays, you had to put it on and wear it just once, just that one day, so that she would feel appreciated, and then you would tuck it in the back of your closet and pray for a quick growth spurt? Does she WANT to wear this, or is this a kindness because a friend or a relative swung and missed? By the by, I learned today, right now, that bebe still exists. I thought they went belly-up when the stores closed, but no, it forges ahead online, selling stuff that looks so tight on the models that I hope it all comes with a free tube of Monistat.

Bella went with a very different look for her birthday dinner:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 09, 2022

There is something hilarious to me about wearing a see-through dress that shows off your thong, and then being like, “Brr, better bring a jacket.” Having said that, if I had to ditch one thing in this photo, I’d pick the dress. The coat is fine, and the thong, we can work around, but I can’t unfug whatever that dress is doing in the front. Her actual birthday suit might’ve been better.

[Photos: Gotham/GC Images]
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