It’s not as if the top of this is a complete dream…

'The Outfit' special screening, Los Angeles, California, USA - 15 Mar 2022

… but I recoiled nonetheless when I saw the rest of it. And partly it’s because I don’t even know what words I have left for glorified underpants. We’re gonna have to get Seussian up in here. It reminds me of a great Blackadder the Third episode. Robbie Coltrane plays Samuel Johnson as a pretentious academic who brags about having completed a dictionary containing every word in the English language; annoyed, Blackadder offers him “sincere contrafibularities” (it means false congratulations), and when Johnson frantically adds that to his draft, Blackadder pretends to apologize with a string of gibberish: “I’m anaspeptic, frasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulation.” Well. This dress is causing me great pericombobulation, but I don’t think it feels anaspeptic or frasmotic about it at ALL.

[Photos: Kathy Hutchins, Steve Cohn/Shutterstock]