Zendaya’s Louis Vuitton ambassadorship was announced last week with some shots from a handbag campaign. And now, with this, we have entered the era where she will probably wear Vuitton more often than not. Law got out just in time. As we discussed in Drinks With Broads, I fear it would have made things stressful AND tedious; this way, he can involve himself conditionally, or maybe spearhead some custom work without having to take the fall for whatever other random stuff they throw at her.

Lady Z was at CinemaCon promoting the Dune sequel. I haven’t found any leaked clips, but on day 2 attendees also got to see footage from Wonka, Barbie, and Ezra Miller’s The Flash, after which the director heaped praise on what a fantastic actor Ezra is. “Okay, so we’re doing this,” sighs Aaron Burr.

[Photos: Rob Latour, Matt Baron/Shutterstock]