I admit, when I saw Zendaya’s Rick Owens gown at the Dune premiere, I had the exact opposite reaction from that of Jessica. Yes! That’s right! Division in the House of Fug! I hope Jessica doesn’t come at me with dragons. My iron throne is just a desk chair by Amazon Basics and it’s definitely highly flammable. Anyway, I thought the design veered sloppy, and so overwhelming; on the heels of the chain breastplate and the shiny empathy belly, I’ve decided Law Roach is just messing with us all to see how far he can stretch Zendaya’s charismagic (charisma + magic) before it snaps. I mention that because I saw the afterparty dress shortly thereafter, above, and it seemed to affirm that. Its fabric is as scant as the other dress’s was extra. The runway version is basically lingerie, so I guess we can be glad for her (she IS in London, after all, it’s probably not 90 degrees out) that they added… if not a real skirt, then at least a longer piece of tissue-thin fabric. But much as I thought Law was consciously testing their limits by draping Zendaya in lumpy folds earlier in the night, here it’s like he’s tap-dancing out on yet another limb and almost willing it to break. Can she make sense of strings? I guess if anyone can, it would be her, but… most likely, no one can.

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