All I sought was photos from history taken around this time in May, and I turned up this 1965 gem that’s captioned simply, “Goldie Hawn poses with three young girls, and a ceramic frog, Arlington, Virginia, May 1965.” That’s back when she was a background dancer, before her big break, but I’m curious what the point of this photo even was. Do we think it’s an advertisement? Is she SELLING ceramic frogs? Is she trying to pretend it’s a real frog? The middle child looks a little confused and repulsed by the requirement that she give a shit about this ceramic frog. Maybe Goldie is barraging them with a stream of made-up frog facts to get them to focus on her: “Do you know that frogs’ brains grow 400 sizes in their lifetime? And they will beat you in a staring contest, and they can intuit your astrological sign and change their smell accordingly, and I once met a frog who blinked an entire passage of at me in Morse code.” Meanwhile, the girl on the right is staring at her like she’s noticed a bug crawling up Goldie’s hair and can’t decide if she wants to say anything. I sincerely hope Kate Hudson turns this into a birthday card. And gives it to Goldie with a ceramic frog of her very own. For the MEMORIES.

[Photo: Getty]