With Halloween on Saturday — ah, a Saturday Halloween! Perfect for parties! — what better time to discuss our own personal favorite/most successful/most noteworthy Halloween costumes? I think I have said here before that, as an adult, I have a habit of throwing together costumes from stuff I already own, which is why I have been Blair Waldorf, Liz Lemon (all I had to do was buy Cheetos), Anna Wintour (I had the wig),  and Janice Dickinson. But my most successful costume as an adult was surely when my roommate Jen was working at Sony, where they let you use their costume department if you promised not to, like, set something from the vaults on fire. This is how Jen and I ended up getting to be two Racine Belles from A League of Their Own (that’s the team the Peaches play in the World Series), which, at the time, was not a super old movie. Let me tell you, you can leave your sexy calzone (or whatever) at home: I have NEVER gotten hit on more than when I was dressed up like a 1940s girl baseball player.  I was sad to give those costumes back. I also had an excellent costume one year when I was Jessica Wakefield, and my friend Lauren was Elizabeth Wakefield.

What was your most memorable costume?