As the traditional TV season draws to a close, a person’s fancy turns to thoughts of… which television shows she plans to 86 from the DVR in the upcoming months. Or maybe that’s just me. I used to watch my stories until the bitter, bitter, bitter end — sure, I was contractually obligated to watch all of The X-Files so I could recap it for TWoP, but I would have done anyway (and yes, I will be recapping the new season here). But now! Now, I am a person who has literally deleted a season pass for a show in the middle of an episode. I have reversed such decisions before — I quit Lost in the middle of the second season, but Heather’s husband talked me into picking it back up in season three, and he was right — but there is something deliciously freeing about giving yourself permission to just SWING THE AXE. Sometimes, this takes planning. For instance, I knew that when I quit Grey’s Anatomy, I was going to have to do it mid-season, because Shonda Rhimes is GREAT at finales and managed to suck me back in for yet another season of GA more years than I could count, and yet I knew I could not go on without Cristina Yang. (This is why I haven’t watched the last three episodes of Scandal yet; if I don’t watch them, maybe I can quit it? [I probably won’t quit it.]) I am out on The Bachelor/ette, which has been tremendously freeing. I have accepted that I will never quit Survivor. And I might just leave The Vampire Diaries along with Elena Gilbert (and my one true love on that show, Katherine Pierce). Do tell, Fug Nation, what TV isn’t making your fall schedule?