I know you have a favorite holiday recipe and I want you to share it! Is it cookies? Is it fudge? Is it…I don’t know, like a really good soup? Is it a dip? Is it CHEESEBALLS?! (Mine is actually a cheeseball. It’s this one.) Is it Chex Mix? I make that classic one on the back of the box, with extra butter, and my biggest advice is DO NOT make it in the microwave. (I also don’t put in bagel chips because bagel chips were not a thing you could buy in Los Angeles in like 1950 when my great-grandmother started making this and I do what she did, but I firmly believe you should do the Chex Mix mix that your family has always done, so bagel chip it up if you want!) Is it a very delicious and retro Jello situation? Is it a special cocktail? Is it tamales? (Speaking of grandmas, I used to go over to my friend Jennifer’s house and help out on her grandma’s Christmas tamale assembly line every year and it was very fun, in part because her grandma also used to let us go watch TV when we got bored of making tamales, and then also we got to eat some tamales.)  Please share and make us all hungry!