I know at first glance this might not be a very SOOTHING afternoon chat, given that we are in international mourning about the dismantling of The Great British Bake-Off/Baking Show. But here is why it’s uplifting: One, we here in the U.S. at least have one more season presumably coming before it’s done; two, I don’t believe Mary Berry will ever leave us. Not really. Besides The Great American Baking Show possibly still existing, I think Mary and Paul and Sue and Mel have made so many of us want to bake that we will all carry a spot of Berry with us for eternity.

And so, in that spirit: baking. Have you tried any of the complex Baking Show creations? What is your favorite thing to bake? Any good baking tips or hacks you’ve found over the years? Paul Hollywood and those bakers get such perfect bread dough, but mine always shrinks up terribly; I’ve recently tried shaping it as much as I can, walking away to let it settle, and coming back, or stretching it over an upended bowl. But that works best for pizza crust, not bread. Can Paul just COME OVER? Watching the tutorial episodes on PBS makes it look easy in a way that it simply is not.

Your turn: Baking tips or disasters? Massive successes? And PLEASE tell me someone out there tried baking that kooky tennis cake.

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