Let’s just go casual and chill while we wait for the Will & Kate photos, shall we? Enter Gina Rodriguez:

This Sandro dress is summery and cute — I’ve no idea what the weather is like in New York, but in LA today it is Satan’s sauna, so this is perfect to ME. It’s also a bit like the Zara fast-fashion knockoff of Shailene Woodley’s Valentino blouse from earlier today, except I think I prefer this design. My only knock is, while I understand the beige shoes because her dress is lightly lined in that color, this would’ve been so kicky with pretty much anything else. She gets points for using the blue pedicure in lieu of cute shoes, though.

Which brings me to: Jane the Virgin. I know a lot of Fug Nation watches and adores that show, so we might as well discuss how we felt about the past season, and especially that finale, and what we’d like to see happen in season three. I read in the EW TV preview issue that Jane WILL finally do the deed, which I worry about only because it’s such a tremendous amount of pressure for the show to get that right and have it feel earned and emotionally satisfying — from where, why, and who, to all the rest of it. TO THE COMMENTS with your thoughts.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]