Those of you who read us regularly (or who follow me on Instagram) are well aware that there is one item which is irresistible to me. I have a kajillion of them and I shall never have enough. This is, I believe, because I once had the perfect one (from Banana Republic) until I wore it to holes and I’ve been searching for the replacement ever since. It is my Holy Grail and I will find it eventually.  It is the blue-and-white striped top and if I see one I WILL BUY IT. (Unless it’s like $200.I’m not completely insane.)

I am wearing one RIGHT NOW. (A totally different one!) It was $8 at the Gap! Leave me alone! But my theory is that everyone has ONE of these things, and it’s not necessarily always clothes — a friend of mine has like 15 copies of the same out-of-print book because he buys it every time he finds one because he’s…I don’t even know why. What is the one thing you can’t stop buying, even though you technically don’t need any more of them?

PS: I also do this with lip balm.