One of you, in the comments on a Thandie Newton post from the last few months, made an offhand note that you’d read an entire slideshow of everything Thandie Newton has ever worn. WELL. I LISTENED.

Okay, even despite the length here, this is not everything Thandie Newton has ever worn. Yes, y’all, this is an edited version and it’s still this long. But seeing people’s early years is too fun to abridge very much, and the later stuff is more interesting, so… take your time, marinate in the Thandie, bookmark and return. However you can get through it. But I do encourage you to, because she is so lovely and she had a very, very robust 2018, among many other years.

And yes, it’s true, there is almost no difference between “Fugstory” and “Fugtrospective,” both of which we use. At some point we came up with some half-baked differentiation, but I forget what it was, and so now we just flip-flop because we’re indecisive and we can do that. Generally, I tend to think “Fugstory” sounds more comprehensive, but “Fugstrospective” is a bit more accurate as it pertains to being a look back, so it could be both? WHY CHOOSE. It’s like parsley. We don’t need that many different kinds, but they’re THERE, so why not change it up?

[Photos:, Rex/Shutterstock, WENN]