Point the first:  Although they actually don’t look very much alike, facially, something about Keke’s short hair here made me decide that she and Jennifer Hudson (also very cute in short hair) ought to play sisters in something. Ideally something musical, as they can both sing. What’s a good musical about sisters, though? THE PARENT TRAP: THE MUSICAL: ADULTS? Actually, I would 100% see a musical about adult twins switching places to get their divorced parents back together. If they’re grown-ups, you can also give the twins boyfriends (or girlfriends or one of each, whatever) whose kisses the switched twin would have to duck, out of loyalty. Until, obviously, one of the switched twins FALLS IN LOVE with her twin’s significant other. Oh, this is going to get angsty. I can hear the big finish to Act One already. We can suspend disbelief about the twin thing (and their age difference) enough for it to work! It’s going to be great!

ANYWAY, don’t wear this to the premiere of that play, okay, Keke?

Or, at the very least, maybe swap out the top so we don’t see your nipple rings, because the rest of it is pretty cute. Thank you!

Now, about your role in this show…

[Photos: Roger Wong/INFphoto.com]

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