If you missed this morning’s coverage, it lives here and it has CUTE HATS and SMALL CHILDREN and FUR RUFFS. But if you’re just here to see the first Gown-Related Event of this trip, let’s dig in. Kate’s wearing Erdem, and I suspect her frock will be….a matter for discussion. It’s a bold choice, and I love Erdem, so I am prone to approve simply because I appreciate her doing wacky things and people are always complaining that she’s too boring and WOWSERS this is not boring. HOWEVER, if you’re not into this look, I, uh, fully understand where you are coming from. It…is…a choice. A choice has been made.

In case you need to see it in motion:

Move over, Kate, I need to see more of this room:

Also, because we love a tablescape (I hope they remembered to put left-handed Wills at the corner or next to another lefty):