While we’re here, it seems like a pertinent time to remind y’all that Heather and I wrote a sequel to The Royal We, and it comes out in July! Is there a royal tour of any sort in it? I cannot reveal that.

On to the business of real people: Wills and Kate are in Ireland on an official visit for the next three days. (It’s their first official visit to Ireland and it’s meant to be a post-Brexit EVERYTHING’S STILL FINE!!! trip.)

They had a lot of shenanigans on tap today, but most importantly, they also met this very good dog (whom Meghan and Harry also met in Ireland; I’m sure everyone does want to meet this dog, due to the fact that he’s perfect):

We got an outfit change from Kate for the evening’s outing to the Guinness Factory (not its technical name), so there are two looks to discuss: First up is her green Catherine Walker coat (a rewear [edit: NOT a rewear! Dang, Kate, how many of these have you got?!) and an Alessandra Rich dress (per the designer; it looks like a top and a skirt to me, but I guess they would know) that is…pretty wacky. (I think this whole look would appear less wacky if she had left the headband at home).

Second, for the evening reception, I regret to inform you that The Vampire’s Wife has gotten to Kate. I mean, this dress IS very on-trend; everyone has worn it. I don’t hate this iteration of it, in part because I think it looks pretty good in motion:

Let’s discuss!

[Photos: Shutterstock, Tim Rooke/Shutterstock, Chris Jackson/Getty Images]