First off: I used to LOVE Kate Walsh. Addison was so awesome on Grey’s Anatomy. And then I sort of — well, I didn’t ever DISLIKE her, but I guess I downgraded to neutral. But that was temporary. I love her again. Part of that is because I think she’s actually a good actress. Part of it is because I think Private Practice is better than Grey’s right now. It’s not as good as Grey’s USED to be, but it’s a truly solid procedural and it’s well-acted and also Taye Diggs is there. But Walsh is also seriously kind of hilarious on Twitter and it turns out that’s an excellent way to win me back: being entertaining in 140 characters or less. So, to sum up Kate Walsh: I like her, she’s got great hair, I want her to be happy, if we were stuck together in an elevator I am pretty sure we’d end up friending each other on Facebook.

And she wore this on Extra the other day:

I dunno, girl.  You’re selling it, but didn’t we all see this in Express in 1990 and think, “I dunno, girl”?

Lisa Snowdon here is an English model/celebrity, and hosts the Brit version of ANTM. So, I guess BNTM. She also is wearing shoes that make me want to go on a violent spree designed to find every single person involved in their conception, execution, and journey to market and MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO ME. They’re like OPEN TOE UGGS married to the bag the wino on the corner uses as a beer cozy. THEY BURN.

That being said, I think she was right to wear a dark slip rather than a white one. It feels like like seeing someone’s underwear.

Who do you think pulled this off better? Or is it a draw? HAVE AT in the comments!