Bebe is one of those toiling-in-relative-obscurity types who got her foot in the door as a featured singer and a co-songwriter, but now has her own album coming out in the fall. (Which is very much looming now, by the way. College football starts NEXT WEEK. How is that possible? Didn’t summer begin an hour ago? WERE THE VMAs THAT LONG?!?!)

Ahem. Anyway:

This outfit isn’t even that bad. It’s another in the increasingly beefy cabal of things people wear that I believe were created from a Kim Kardashian dream board, and it’s not even remotely holding up her chest — do not turn to this woman for help at a bra sizing — and the boots are hella unimaginative with it. But let’s be honest: This is not why we’re here. This outfit is the entry point to show you what she wore to the VMA pre-show the night before, which is an outfit that may herald a fruitful Fug Madness campaign:

I call it Beach Blanket Bear Attack, and it’s probably about a heartbeat away from being developed for Spike TV.

[Photos: Getty]