I can’t even go into GFY Kanye mode for this one. If you ever wanted to believe the rumors about Riccardo Tisci and Kanye West, and/or any jealousies he might be feeling about this little family unit, then today is your lucky day. Because one could easily interpret this as an act of someone OUT FOR REVENGE.

Regardless: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO RAPACIOUS DIPSHITS. THAT IS YOUR CHILD. (Whose face, by the way, was blurred by the photo service.) You want to wear ratty old boots with elaborate karate duds, Kanye? Fine. You want to wear see-through pants with a negligee leotard, and look like a lacy joke, Kim? It’s your life. Be hideous if you want to, be desperate if you want to, be tasteless if you want to; be transparent in every sense of that word, if that’s what really makes you feel purposeful and alive. That’s your business. But YOU HAVE PUT YOUR TODDLER IN A SHEER DRESS-SHIRT-TUNIC NIGHTMARE. SHE IS NOT EVEN TWO.

You shouldn’t be putting that poor girl in clothes with a whiff of Trashy Lingerie about them. There is NO REASON for her to be wearing a custom dress that’s made in the image of something ostensibly sexy. A little kid in a sundress from Gymboree is one thing, but this sucker is designed to show skin ,with a modesty strip and transparency above AND BELOW it. IT’S INCREDIBLY CREEPY, YOU GUYS. She is not your accessory. She is your child. And if you’ve made the decision to put her in the public eye, again, whatever, it’s your family; that’s your call. Just please think about how you do it. Please USE the brains you’ve so assiduously applied to the pursuit and attainment of fame and wealth, and think about her well-being and future and not just your own. I mean, sure, we’ve all come to expect you to be a little icky and disappointing, but why must you find a way to top yourselves? Not every sundae needs a cherry on top. Don’t be jackwagons.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]