This photo is a week old, but somehow I missed it. Perhaps because the wires in my brain simply could not connect and agree on what the hell it even is:

All I know for sure is that the shoes are cute and don’t really mesh; they should have been saved for the ballet or a premiere. Here, she’s en route to Good Morning America, and I am pretty sure America — or anywhere else in the world — needed a LOT more coffee after clapping eyes on this. It’s… a puzzle. It’s a blouse and a skirt and it has aspirations of being a widow’s petticoats. The middle bit might be folding back around on itself, like some kind of fashion wormhole collapsing on her abdomen. She could be in Sweeney Todd. She could believe herself to be Helena Bonham Carter in a new musical about the life of Tim Burton. (We’ll call it Burtonjuice until we workshop a better title.)  All of those things could even be true at once, and hell, now I need more coffee, and I don’t even drink it.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]