Apparently after going alternately sans-froof and then all Bustle & Flow at the premiere of The Other Guys, Eva Mendes decided the after-party was no place for such shenanigans:

That is so pretty. It fits her flawlessly, and the colors make me think of my favorite time of year: autumn. I love the temperatures, the foliage, the pumpkin and the promise of Christmas and all those PRESENTS, and then football, my GOD, FOOTBALL, holy God I have to organize my fantasy draft, who the HELL am I going to pick this year now that half the league is hot for tandem backfields, and I still don’t support white football pants, and do we think the Steelers are going to sling the rock downfield much this year with Byron Leftwich under center or will it be a dump-off passing game to the tight end and the tailbacks, and HOLD THE PHONE, the first pre-season game is on Sunday and it’s going to involve Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens against the Cowboys. JEEBUS LOVES US ALL.
Sigh. Thank you, Eva. I needed that. 
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