Figures. Just when I get attached to a really immature nickname, the person to whom I gave it decides to flout my childish impulse.

Fashion's Night Out: The Show - Front Row
Boobs here manages to look both sexy and stunning without rubbing the camera lens in her cleavage, nor setting a maximum skirt length of two inches. Looking at her, I see a pretty girl — with hair I wish I could re-style, but whatever — rather than hearing the gentle A-HOOOOOGA that heralds a cartoon character’s eyeballs momentarily taking leave of their sockets.
Let’s take a closer look, just because we can:

Fashion's Night Out: The Show - Arrivals

This was striking before, when I thought it might be black and yellow, but the fact that it’s navy is rather nifty. Yes, okay, those are Michigan Wolverine colors, and they are taking on my beloved Fighting Irish on Saturday — while I am at a whatever fashion show is scheduled for that time and therefore unable to chug pints and weep softly and/or whisper obscenities at a nearby coaster — but I try not to think about it, because Blake looks cute, it flatters her, and it’s the right balance between flirty and young, and My Bod Is Wicked Hot. Brava, Once-And-Future Boobs Legsly.