There is no better example of why we don’t REALLY want anyone obeying us than Bai Ling:

Premiere Of Lionsgate Films'

I mean, she looks totally pretty and normal here. I might be able to see a HINT of under-cleavage, but honestly, she looks lovely. IT’S SO BORING. If Bai Ling, of all people, starts showing up places looking fresh and pert and adorable on the regular, WHATEVER SHALL I WRITE ABOUT? Also: SNOOZE. As much as we complain, there’s really nothing more entertaining than someone having the balls/lacking the brains to show up in something really super cracked out.  So you can imagine my relief when I saw what our Beloved Bai wore out earlier this same day:

Bei Ling Out And About In Beverly Hills


CRAZY. I feel so much better now.

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