I’m sure I should temper my excitement, but I can’t. I did not enjoy the prequels. I DO enjoy that these films appear to honor the look of the original three. And I’ve watched those a million times in the last two years because I have two obsessed beans who can re-enact the entire X-wing destruction of the Death Star while listening to the soundtrack — like, they have the timing of every line, relative to the music, completely down pat. So… yeah. I’m stoked. I want this to be good. And at least the cast seems to be enjoying the tour as it revs up.

Pursuant to that: What is your favorite of the movies? I know the popular answer is The Empire Strikes Back, but I have to say… mine is the original, aka Chapter IV, aka Star Wars, aka A New Hope. Again, having seen (and re-enacted; I am often cast as Darth Vader, aptly) them a lot recently and through the eyes of two kids, there is SO MUCH TALKING in Empire, and a lot of drudgery. Whereas the first one is PERFECTLY paced and has a lot of really fantastic action setpieces. And, you never forget your first Death Star. As a standalone cinematic experience, I think that one is the most wholly satisfying. You?

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]