Ages ago I wrote a Shailene Woodley post in which I called her Mama Shailene, due to whatever vibe she was giving out, and since then I have only ever been able to call her Mama Shai. That may have to change, though, because Mama Shai is more of an Earth Mother type who digs up crystals and only cooks on hot rocks and does actual ant farming, and this Shailene is kind of a bombshell:

While my jury usually returns a guilty verdict for bra-style bodices, this one — even if it runneth over a very little bit — looks extremely fetching on her. It’s balanced by the beautiful color and button details, and of course those tremendous earrings. In Toronto she went with very youthful stuff, to mixed effect for me (though I liked the ideas), and this ups the stakes with a little sophistication. I still think she is Mama Shai, and also playful Shai, but how fun to be reminded just how many multitudes she contains.

[Photo: Getty]