Every time I see Lucy Liu in person — it just happened again few weeks ago at Hamilton, at which I believe the Hallelujah Chorus played while she drifted to her excellent seat — I am stopped short and I think, “Oh, wow. Yes. You really are that gorgeous.”

And looking at this, I think it’s possible she is a person with magical powers. That gown is elegant and romantic and breathtaking, in an unusual color that’s challenging to wear.  It has a halter neck that plunges without too much peekaboo, which also supports everything without pancaking it. It looks like a simple cocktail, but is actually an advanced piece of mixology. She simply is not of our banal Muggle world. If she lifted the hem to reveal that she’s gliding upon six inches of air, I’d be like, “Yeah, well, that makes sense.”

[Photo: Getty]