When all else fails, sparkle will do nicely.

She is also pulling off that red lip immaculately. I do wonder if she could’ve mixed it up with the footwear by throwing on something colorful, but I’m so elated that it’s not a nude pump that I’m not really too fussed. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I will ever be as interested in any of her projects again as I was in Blue Crush, which is one of those movies that’s impossible to ignore if it’s on, even if I do get super irritated that her character requires about six different pep talks in the last act of the film. She was charismatic and so cute in that. Maybe she should go back to TV (remember Young Americans? Ian Somerholder sure does). Grey’s Anatomy always needs people to refill the well. I’m not sure it can survive the departure of Cristina Yang, but Kate Bosworth coming on and pretending she knows how to dig around someone’s chest with a scalpel might get me curious enough to keep my season pass. If Rachel Bilson can do it on The CW…

Damn. It’s Weird Tangent Day on GFY today.

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