I don’t usually like this style of hem — I might ordinarily wish the dress were chopped off before the last bit started — but Judy Greer is pulling this off for me.

Maybe it’s the cute pattern. Maybe it’s the fact that the red shoes, purse, and lipstick totally sell this. Maybe it’s because she wore two bracelets, and that they are NOT red, which is good because one more thing in that color would’ve pushed this too far. Or maybe it’s because I love Judy Greer and think she looks classy and cute, and I wish she would find a weekly TV commitment that was worthy of her awesomeness (maybe Married will be it, but I’ve never been a fan of FX comedies, so I’m thinking it’s very likely Not For Me). So let’s use this as an excuse to chat up the awesomeness of Judy Greer. She was funny in Arrested Development, and I have a massive soft spot for 13 Going on 30, in which she is also delicious. What would you put her in? Something dark and grimy, like The Walking Dead? A role metaphorically throttling some sense into Hannah Horvath — or any of them — on Girls? Something that desperately needs an infusion of tartness, like New Girl? (My beloved Winston deserves a partner worthy of him, y’all.) Or, simply to guarantee that she’d be on TV every week in perpetuity, would you sell her soul to NCIS: Any Flavor? Greer it up in the comments.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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