I figured this picture would make Fug Nation pretty happy.

I mean, Angela Bower clutching Tim Gun to her bosom is pretty much divine, right? The only thing that would make this better is if she had Tony Danza on the other side. Or Michael B. Jordan. Or for some of you, Benedict Cumberbatch holding a bouquet of flowers. Or David Beckham, in his H&M briefs. But… look, okay, there are a lot of things that could enhance this. But this base is pretty darn strong and doesn’t really need improvement.

Let’s look at the dress itself, though:

Guys, I need you to see what this post initially read underneath this photo. Ready? It’s good:



Yes. F, and then F. Why? Because I FORGOT TO FINISH IT. I was not giving Judith an F as a letter grade. That’s my WORDS filler because I am actually too lazy to type “WORDS” as a placeholder, and then apparently I am too tired or dumb or SOMETHING to go ahead and type ACTUAL words. This has never happened. I am… a disaster, apparently. What is wrong with me? I guess I typed the words “David Beckham in his briefs” and then just completely went mind-blank. I’m sorry, Judith. You are the boss. I am not the boss. I might not even still have a job.

[Photo: WENN]