I think Joe here is a good-looking dude, and the salt-and-pepper facial hair works for him.

But the cover of that book is some FREAKY CRAZYBALLS. It’s like a bad video-game rendering of him, if Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide To Breaking Down Mental Walls And Building The Body You’ve Always Wanted were some kind of one-man fighter with a lot of little mini-challenges along the way about making protein shakes and uber-omelets and punching at the man in the mirror. The Joe Claude Van Dammeganiello version of him is not my favorite. The insane rendering of muscles and the Angry Face and the Joenold Mangzenegger veins aren’t his best look. HE is his best look. Why, if you are Joe Manganiello and you want to teach us all how to Evolve: Stop Whining And Be Cut, are you not putting YOU on the cover, instead of a wack-ass freaky-deaky fan-art nightmare? YOU LOOK GOOD AS YOURSELF.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]