Isn’t it nice to go out for the long weekend — the last weekend of summer (I know, I know, not technically, but emotionally) — on a high note?

Adorable dress that would also make a lovely drawer liner (I swear this is a compliment), great shoes, fab lipstick.  A round of applause for you, Jess Weixler, and while I am sad that you never got to reappear on The Good Wife — where IS Robyn?!?!!? Are we sure no one accidentally locked her in a file room?! — onward and upwards, as they say. In her case, “upwards” includes the news I just learned on her Wikipedia, which is that she recently married a man with the fantastically melodious name “Hamish Brocklebank” who just happens to be the second son of the current Brocklebank baronet, which is very interesting. MANY of his ancestors worked for Cunard, by which I mean, “were in charge of Cunard.” I hope she at least gets free admission to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I did not expect to get to do a Random Posh British Person Deep Dive in this post; I mostly just went to her Wiki to find out this next fact, that part of “onward and upwards” also includes getting to be in a movie with Tom Everett Scott. Getting to hang out with Guy Patterson has got to be more fun than dodging whatever was happening on The Good Wife.

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