This is so much better than her more recent outings:

She still looks like she’s a character in a period piece — which I think is actually the best look for her, as she has Period Piece Face (not a brutal affliction, as it’s one shared by the likes of, say,  Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet) — but this time she at least doesn’t look like the character who makes you roll your eyes and mutter, “ugh, THIS ONE again. Why do they think we CARE?” Obviously, she was long ago cast in my fictional English country house murder/time travel/romance series — as Matt Lewis’s awesome older sister whose moxie has been sucked out of her by her terrible husband, but who still manages to have the verve to make very minor trips through time to warn everyone about the Nazis (they don’t listen), so I am happy to see her back on track.

[Photo: WENN]