Saw what you will about Olivia Palermo, but she has basically the best hair EVER:

I’m serious. That’s my dream hair, there on her head. It’s so SHINY and BOUNCY and THICK and it always looks perfect. I don’t know how Whitney Port resisted, in their moments of dramz on The City, just YANKING on it. It’s right there, all IN YOUR FACE with its GOODNESS and that sort of thing can just add insult to injury. Like, “you are making my life hair and also WHY IS YOUR HAIR SO PERFECT ALL THE TIME WHY?”

Yeah, so OP should sell Olivia Palermo Hair Perfector, is what I’m saying. I’m the person who will buy whatever cracked-out hair product whatever magazine I’m reading at the time suggests, and I will totally buy if they told me to. She has connections. Make it happen, Palermo. I need my hair perfected.

No, seriously: Is that a dress, or a top and skirt? I really can’t tell. And regardless of what it technically is, do we like it? I think I do, actually — it’s unusual and kind of funky and maybe a little BUSY, but I like that it has textural interest. TAKE TO THE COMMENTS AND HOLD FORTH!