This is a really wonderful snap by the Getty photographer.

I love that she is so DELIGHTED by the rainstorm. As much as I love a good shower, I can’t tell whether — behind the scenes — I’d have had the good grace to seem so amused by the prospect of doing publicity in my gorgeous dress during a deluge. I’d probably have looked totally panicked.

Fortunately, the umbrella was massive, and it protected that marvel of a dress. I LOVE this. The pattern, the tiny pleats, the cut, the lipstick… it’s perfect, and it’s perfect on her. This might be one of my favorite dresses of 2016, truthfully, and Lord knows we all need an extra memory to smile upon these days.

Also: Informative Caption tells me this was held at Banqueting House, the only surviving bit of the Palace at Whitehall. The name tells you basically all you need to know about the building’s intended function. Apparently it has a ceiling by Peter Paul Rubens — the only Rubens ceiling that’s still in its original location — which they say may have been one of the last things Charles I saw before he was executed on-site. I’ve never been there and now I’ve got one more to add to my sight-seeing list the next time I’m in London. Which… I’d better invent a reason, hadn’t I? Okay, I’m off to ponder…

[Photos: Getty]