Kelly Brook here isn’t really famous in the United States. But in the UK — if I understand correctly — she’s well-known for being a lad-mag model, doing some TV presenting, being on a variety of dancing shows, and being in a handful of movies like Piranha 3-D. And for being pretty. And this dress is very pretty:

From the front, anyway. Which means I HAVE to show you the back:

GIRL. Someone should have said something to someone about the placement of that rear seam and the something someone should have said was, “is this too…cracked out? And I mean in both senses of the phrase.” And then someone would have made a terrible “crack is whack” joke, and then someone else would have said, “I’m still really sad about Whitney Houston, you guys,” and then someone else would have pointed out that they just realized Zoe Lister Jones, who is kind of being pushed forward in the press as an indie darling, is actually in the NBC sitcom Whitney, which is really NOT indie, and then someone else would have taken sandwich orders and everyone would have forgotten about poor Kelly’s otherwise envious rear view. Actually, maybe that’s exactly what happened.

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