Sigh. How chic does Emma look here?

I wish I had the grace and presence — and resources, and social schedule — to swan into a venue wearing the perfect cream coat and red lippy and heels. Maybe I’ll start. Maybe I will instantly become a breezier, classier person if I just adopt this as my aura, whether I am going to the doctor or the mall or to Gymboree Play & Music for an hour of shaking maracas to Queen songs.

Or, someone will invent a body-snatching time-traveling DeLorean so that I can go back in time and relive my life as Emma Stone. But the former might be easier.

Here’s what she wore under the coat:

As a fair-skinned girl, I must thank Emma for resolutely sticking to her natural skin color, and not succumbing to the spray-paint syndrome that afflicts most of this town. Thanks for carrying that torch, milady. And, she might also be doing the near-impossible, which is: wearing cream (or lemon? Hard to tell what the flashes are doing to it) without looking washed-out or jaundiced. The hair, the lipstick, the red polish, the shoes… they all work together to punch this up so that she doesn’t get lost in the dress, and the dress doesn’t get lost on her. And so my girl crush continues. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go slather myself in SPF.

[Photo: Getty]

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